Laboratory Work

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I frequently use molecular laboratory techniques to gain information on health and behavior from unhabituated primates over a wide geographic range. For my dissertation research I worked in the Kaestle Anthropological Genetics Laboratory at Indiana University. I mainly employed techniques in microsatellite genotyping and Sanger sequencing of mitochondrial DNA. I served as the laboratory manager during the final stages of my dissertation lab analyses. After that, I served as the manager of Prof. Wasserman's Primate Environmental Endocrinology Lab at Indiana University. Currently, I am Prof. Schmitt's lab manager in the Sensory Morphology and Genomic Anthropology Lab at Boston University, where I am using methods in RNAseq to analyze gene expression patterns.


Schmitt Lab (Sensory Morphology and Genomic Anthropology Lab), Boston University

2018 - present

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Wasserman Primate Environmental Endocrinology Laboratory, Indiana University



Kaestle Anthropological Genetics Laboratory, Indiana University