My research uses genetic and genomic methods to pinpoint the shared environmental factors affecting polyspecific primate community health. I currently address this problem through postdoctoral research in collaboration with Dr. Christopher Schmitt of the Departments of Anthropology and Biology and the Sensory Morphology and Genomic Anthropology Lab at Boston University. For my Ph.D. at Indiana University I studied savanna chimpanzees in Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda. For more information on these and other projects, see “Interests” above.

Find me at the following meetings in 2019

  • March 2019 in Cleveland, OH - American Association of Physical Anthropologists

  • August 2019 in Madison, WI - American Society of Primatologists

  • PEGG - The South African Primatology Association (Location and date TBD)

  • Midwest Primate Interest Group (Location and date TBD)

Invited Lectures in 2019

  • April 10, 2019 - University of Massachusetts Amherst